Our motives

Our Vision


Fule-Ambedkar College of Social Work, Gadchiroli, Strives to Develope society which ensures dignity, justice and equal opportunities to build a cadre of young professionals having a local as well as global perspective.

Our Mission


Our mission is to strive to impart quality education in social work with commitment and devotion to work for the depressed and vulnerable groups in society and to ensure their development and empowerment.

Our Objectives


1. To understand characterstics of social system and their dynamics within tribal and rural society

2. To initiate professional social work education in grass root level.

3. To develope ability of the students to observer and analyze social realities

4. To provide helping hands for empowering society in different spheres of life.

5. To develope appropriate society response to people's need, problems and social issues

6. To strive to generate employment/self-employment opportunities for the student.

7. To impart quality education and develop students intellectually professionally and morally